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Curated Talent Pool.
Thorough Interviews.
International Reach.

Loops Recruitment is an independant agency and your go-to solution for sourcing exceptional creative talents across diverse industries. 

We specialise in connecting visionary companies with highly skilled professionals who possess the creative spark to drive innovation and success.

Our international reach and rigorous screening process ensure that we connect you with the best candidates for both permanent and shorter-term contract positions.

International Network of Talents

Our expertise lies in connecting exceptional talents with the ever-evolving needs of each industry. We understand the pulse of the creative world and have built a strong network that spans across borders. From graphic designers to backend engineers, animators to art directors, we'll help find and place the right candidates for both permanent and shorter-term contract positions.

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Streamlined Talent Acquisition

Our talent acquisition process is easy and approachable. We work with you to understand your unique requirements and match you with the perfect talent for your company. We make the process of finding and hiring talent simple and efficient.

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Connecting You to the Best Opportunities

Our expertise extends beyond just finding talents for companies. We also help talented individuals find the opportunities that match their unique skills and abilities. Let us connect you to the best opportunities across industries.

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Expertise You Can Rely On

Our vast talent pool consists of exceptional individuals from various backgrounds and industries. We believe in the power of cross-pollination, bringing together diverse perspectives and skill sets to drive innovation and problem-solving in your organization.

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Hear It from Our Clients

We've used all the mainstream job sites and invested loads into advertising in the past with tonnes of applications but very few people with the right experience. We gave two roles at Loops and we are genuinely impressed by the selection of great candidates presented.

Simone, Creative Director, Brushed

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