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Playtest Coordinator

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• Manage the hardware and software install and upkeep for multiple internal Playtest Labs. This includes PC’s and consoles.
• Work within the project database entering and triaging tasks and distribute the captured information accordingly and follow-up on any issues that directly relate to or are otherwise impacting Playtests.
• Prop builds using multiple tools and quickly troubleshoot any issues to minimize impact on Playtests.
• Create, manage, and own a master schedule spanning multiple Teams. This includes balancing Lab time equally taking into consideration needs, deadlines, and milestones.
• Quickly react to changing needs with little to no down time.
• Coordinate, recruit attendees and lead Playtesting efforts across the entire Studio spanning groups as diverse as: Test, Production, Marketing, User Research, Localization, Business Development, but may also include special external guests as well as press.
• Actively work towards identifying and removing roadblocks that might impact Playtests. Evolve as the project evolves and learn new processes, tools, or methods as they come online.


London, UK

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