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Software Engineering

Front End Dev

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As a team member, you will participate in the creation and maintenance of a dynamic front-end Web application. 

Role & Responsibilities

● Develop and maintain a clean, efficient, secure, and well-engineered front-end code that conforms with accepted standards;
● Create beautiful and effective responsive UIs;
● Create and maintain functionality in a Node.js server that communicates with external devices (e.g. IoT devices, remote DBs, etc.);
● Implement current design trends in UI/UX work;
● Communicate and collaborate effectively with team members;
● Proactively identify opportunities for process and software improvements and make constructive suggestions for change;
● Build and maintain unit tests;
● Ensure that customer issues and technology failures are detected, isolated, and resolved rapidly, and prevented from happening again;


● 3-5 years experience developing applications in JavaScript;
● Advanced level skills in JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS;
● Significant experience with technologies like TypeScript and React;
● Experience with GitHub or an equivalent source management system;

For more info and a full JD, please email your CV.


London, UK

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